Green Rocket Design & Technology Corp

We want to build a long-term sustainable and successful distribution company that provides superior service to clients and a scalable future, affording the organization the opportunity to re-invest back into the brands, the people, and the future.

The existing cannabis industry does not understand integrating large-scale distribution systems. Retailers buy locally, often from inconsistent sources. Producers struggle to get their product out of their region. Cultivators grow based on past metrics not accurate real time trends.


“To become the industry standard in cannabis distribution by providing excellent service and mutual value, establishing loyal relationships, and focusing on quality cannabis products.”


Combining corporate large-scale liquor distribution experience and demonstrated cannabis industry knowledge, Green Rocket’s management team and its focus on aggregating strategic data and metrics provides retailers, producers, consumers and local/state agencies:

Clear Vision of the Market

Green Rocket understands the cannabis industry's needs and opportunities in both medical and recreational cannabis

ROI-Focused Metrics

We deliver to all Green Rocket’s customer types with security and efficiency.

An Efficient Distribution Solution

We offer comprehensive inventory controls, risk management SOPs, and customer-specific data metrics to make smart, strategic decisions

GREEN ROCKET design & technology

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